It's sad that we have to create a page for this; however, due to recent messages from customers to our customer service team, we need to address this.

Our customer service team works very hard to ensure that each and every customer is happy, and they are very respectful to each and every customer. Everyone deserves to be respected. That is big to us. 

While it is our mission to ensure that each and every customer is taken care of, we also want to ensure that our customer service team is also getting the respect they deserve for their hard work.

Here's a list of general rules to keep in mind when contacting our team:

1. Please be respectful. There's no reason to threaten our team or be rude when contacting us. We understand that you may be having a bad day, or maybe your package is taking a little longer than usual to arrive. Our team is always happy to help and will work with you until your problem is resolved. 

2. Please do not spam our customer service team. It does sometimes takes a little longer for packages to arrive. Our team diligently checks to ensure that packages do not get lost in the mail, and our team will instantly contact you if there is an issue with your package.

Please do not spam our team with messages daily, every other day or weekly asking about the status of your package. If there is an issue with your package, we will let you know. Sometimes, it DOES take a package a little longer to reach it's destination. This can be due to a variety of post office reasons (such as clearing customs or pandemics). If it has been 2 months after your initial contact and your package still hasn't arrived, we will be more than happy to issue a refund. 

If you continuously spam our team, you will be blocked from contacting us further. From that point on, we will continue to monitor your package, and if it hasn't arrived within 2 months, we will issue a refund immediately. 

3. Please be patient. Our customer service team has various office duties, and the team does answer various inquiries throughout the day. Please do not be alarmed if we do not get to you right away. It typically takes the team (if they are super busy) 1-2 business days to get back to you. The team always replies to ALL inquiries. Just be aware that customer service does not work on Saturday, Sunday and major holidays.