Thanks for shopping at Nerd Kulture! This section is for commonly asked questions we get from our amazing customers! We ALWAYS push to be as transparent as possible with our customers. As we continue to see the same questions pop up, we will continue to grow this list. We are hoping that this list comes in handy when you are inquiring about your orders or if you are just wanting general information about us as a company. 


Where are you located? 

We are a US-based company located in Dallas, Texas! Our management team and customer service team resides in Dallas. However, we have warehouses in Asia and Europe, and that is where our warehouse team resides. We are also working on getting our own warehouse in Dallas as well, but that is in the works. Whenever you contact us, you will be speaking directly to our customer service team out in Dallas. Your orders will be coming from either our Europe or Asia warehouse.


How long does it take for my package to arrive?

You are dealing with international shipping, so it varies. On AVERAGE... we have seen orders come between 20-30 days. However, there have been times when it comes in 12-20 days. Based on orders we have gotten over the years, here are some pretty good estimates of arrivals based on region:

United States – 12-30 business days (this can be 30-60 days due to pandemic).

Canada – 12-30 business days (this can be 30-60 days due to pandemic).

Australia – 12-40 business days (this can be 30-60 days due to pandemic).

Other Countries – 12-40 business days (this can be 30-70 days due to pandemic).

Again, these are all estimates, so please don’t think your order will come exactly on day 12 or exactly on day 30. Your order can come any time. It all depends on the mail carrier, weather conditions and the various checkpoints your package must take before arriving to your mailbox or doorstep.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order. In order to you cancel your order, you need to contact customer service BEFORE your package ships. When we cancel your order, you automatically get a refund. HOWEVER, once the order ships out, you can no longer cancel your order and we won't be able to refund you. Please decide carefully if you want your order and please look carefully to ensure that you are putting in the right information for your order (correct address, correct size item, etc.). 


It’s been a couple of months and my package still hasn’t arrived. What can we do about this?

As mentioned, it does sometimes take a while for packages to arrive. This can be due to a series of things, however, the pandemic is affecting a lot of orders and has delayed arrival times. If it has been 60 days and you still have not received your package, please contact us.

We DO NOT count processing time in this instance when we mention the 60 days wait time. Basically, once you receive your tracking number, then you can start counting the days. 

Sometimes a package can get stuck at a checkpoint for an extended period before it is ready to make its journey to your mailbox or doorstep.

Other times, a package will be on its way, but the mail carrier forgot to update the tracking. This does happen sometime as well.

If it's been 60 days since you got your tracking number and your package still has not arrived, please contact us and we will look into for you and discuss next steps.


I can’t track my package, where is it at?!

You can always track your package. To track your package, please go HERE! People don’t seem to know this… BUT GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND AS WELL! You can always Google your tracking number and it will often pull up with the correct mail carrier, or it will give you a list of mail carriers to choose from. Google it before asking!

Alternatively, you can always use this global tracking link to track all your packages -

Once your package arrives in your country, you can actually track it through your regular mailing service. For example, if you are a US customer, just copy/paste your tracking number into the USPS website. If you are a Canada customer, go to the Canada Post website and copy/paste your tracking number. If you are an Australia customer go to your postal website. Basically, you can track these items through your regular postal service once they arrive in your country. 

If you never received your tracking number, just contact us and we can give you your tracking number. 


What is processing time and delivery time?

Processing time is the amount of time it takes for your order to be shipped out after placing your order. Once you order your product, it typically (on average) takes the team 2-4 business days to ship out your item. That is the amount of time is takes for the team to process the order, scan it through the system and ship it out.

Delivery time is the amount of time is takes for your order to reach you. After the order is processed and shipped out, it will take X amount of time to get to you. 


I ordered more than 1 item, but I only received 1. Where are my other items?!

No worries. They are coming. We have a couple of warehouses and many departments. As a result, sometimes, not all the items you ordered are in the same department or the same warehouse. When this happens, your items may not be shipped together and each item will be shipped separately. 

In the event that this does happen, you will get tracking numbers for all the items your ordered, so please make sure to check your inbox for order updates. If you are still confused, feel free to contact us


I have continuously emailed you about my package... why won't you respond?! 

We have gone over this in detail on the CODE OF CONDUCT page. Customer service makes it a PRIORITY to respond to ALL messages that we get. When it comes to the status of your package, we take these messages very seriously. However, if you keep contacting us continuously about your package, after we have continuously assured you that it is on its way, we will just mark your future messages as SPAM.

This is not meant to be rude or mean, and we don't mean to be a stickler about this. HOWEVER, continuously contacting us will not make your package come faster.

Once you alert us that you have not gotten your package, we will keep an eye on it and we will set an internal deadline. If your package does not come by the internal deadline we set, we will REFUND you. 

If you cannot be patient, you do not need to order from us. If you continuously contact us, we will mark you as spam, and we will continue to monitor your package internally.


How will the Lunar New Year affect my order?

As mentioned, we have two warehouses. We have one in the UK and one Asia. Both warehouses carry different items. We don't have a US warehouse yet, but we are working on that.

In any case, between the middle of Between last week of January and February 20th, our warehouse team in Asia has that entire period off in order to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is there tradition and we have to honor it.

As a result, there will be delays in shipment if you order around that time period. Customer service will contact you to talk about potential options if you order around that time period.


Will my package arrive in time for the holidays?

All depends when you place your order. If you order in late November or any time in December, it is possible… but IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE! If you want your package for the holidays, the MOST IDEAL TIME to place the order is during October. Again, our packages are shipped internationally, and the holidays are really the worst time to do online shopping.

During the holiday season, everyone is ordering online. Mail carriers are backed up due to all the shipping they must do. As a result, shipping and delivery takes a bit longer. Consider all of that and consider the fact that you are ordering something that is being shipped to you internationally... and that we are still in a PANDEMIC. It’s going to take a while to get to you.

Basically… if you are wanting to get someone a gift for Christmas day, please think deeply before for you order. If the package does not come on time it is not our faults. It is not the faults of our warehouse team. And it is not the mail carriers’ faults. It is the nature of online shopping during the holiday season, so think carefully before you order for the holidays.